¼ each Green & Red Cabbage, shredded #4 blade 1 Cucumber, sliced #4 blade ½ cup Radishes, sliced #4 blade 1 Yellow or Zucchini Squash, waffle cut #5 blade ¼ White Onion, chopped #2 blade (optional) ¼ Butternut Squash, grated & peeled #1 blade ½ Carrot, grated #1 blade ¼  cup Italian Dressing or Lemon Juice Parmesan Cheese, grated #1 blade


Using the Kitchen Machine, shred red & green cabbage into a large salad bowl. Add sliced cucumber, radishes, zucchini and chopped onions. Garnish with grated butternut squash, carrots and cheese.

Toss salad with Italian dressing or lemon juice