1 large bunch fresh cilantro 12  fresh jalapeno peppers, seeded, cut in half lengthwise 12  cloves garlic, cut in half lengthwise 1  lime, sliced thin 12   dried tomato halves 1   teaspoon black peppercorns 5  17-ounce (2.5 L) bottles white wine vinegar


Additional fresh cilantro sprigs and line slices (optional)

Twist cilantro stems gently. Place cilantro and next 5 ingredients in a large glass container.

In 3-quart Saucepan (3L utensil), bring vinegar to a boil, and pour over cilantro mixture. Cover and let stand at room temperature 2 weeks.

Pour mixture through a large wire-mesh strainer into decorative bottles, discarding solids. Thread additional cilantro sprigs and lime slices on a wooden skewer, if desired, and place in bottle. Seal and store in a cool dark place